Tourist Visa for China

Tourist Visa for China

The travel industry in China requires a visa and is regularly a solitary passage visa with a stay length of 30 days. US residents might be qualified for a 10-year different section visa.The travel industry visa requires your identification to be substantial for no less than a half year and it should have somewhere around two clear pages. You should likewise have a greeting letter from a china travel service or an individual or tickets to get there and back and a lodging booking.

Customary assistance charge per visa:


The China Embassy has suspended visa administrations for Tourist visas. If it’s not too much trouble, contact the international safe haven straightforwardly for direction on visa necessities.

•           Necessities

•           Charges


You should give your real marked identification, including one duplicate of the individual data page of your visa. Your identification must: Tourist Visa for China

•           Be legitimate for a long time past the length of your mentioned visa (for instance, on the off chance that you are mentioning a year visa your identification should be substantial for quite some time )

•           Contain no less than two clear visa pages for the visa stamp (changes and support pages can’t be utilized to satisfy this prerequisite)

•           In the case of mentioning different passages, the identification should contain no less than two clear confronting visa pages, there can be no stamps or revision underwriting type on the pages

•           Not be frayed, torn, isolating, or changed in differently

In the event that your identification doesn’t meet these necessities, if it’s not too much trouble, contact China Visa Service Center at 1-800-799-6560 for additional subtleties.


The Chinese Consulate requires a photo that meets exceptionally severe necessities. We unequivocally suggest that you present your photo electronically to China Visa Service Center so we can guarantee it meets the tough qualities ordered by the Chinese Consulate. All electronic photograph entries should be required inside the most recent a half year against an all-white foundation. It should show a full front facing perspective on your head, face focused in the center, the highest points of your shoulders, and show an unbiased (non-grinning) demeanor with eyes open, mouth shut, and ears noticeable. No foundation light or shadows are allowed. You may not wear eyeglasses, gems, or headwear aside from strict purposes. Try not to wear a white shirt.

Would it be a good idea for you choose to present a real photo then it should meet all of the above rules and:

•           Be by and large 48 mm tall by 33 mm wide

•           Be imprinted on excellent photograph paper

•           Not be appended to your application, without really any proof of sticky tape or staples

Note that most identification photograph merchants produce photographs that are 2 crawls by 2 inches and are not OK. China Visa Service Center can’t submit applications with erroneously arranged photos.

Letter of Invitation

CET Academic Programs will prompt you how the Invitation Letter prerequisite will be satisfied for members from your program. If it’s not too much trouble, contact CET Academic Programs in the event that you have any inquiries on what you ought to submit to meet this prerequisite.

To satisfy the traveler visa welcome necessity, you should choose one of the accompanying choices:

•           A duplicate of your full circle aircraft ticket, or

•           Agenda and carrier affirmation: A duplicate of your step by step voyage schedule, or then again if on a visit, your visit agenda. Moreover you should give a duplicate of your affirmed aircraft reservations showing all portions of your departures from condition of home in the U.S. to China and getting back to the U.S. to your condition of home. Your schedule and flight data should incorporate your complete name as it shows up on your visa, or Tourist Visa for China

•           A duplicate of an authority letter of greeting from a legislative organization or individual support. Assuming you get a letter of greeting from a singular support in China, the greeting should incorporate the accompanying:

•           Your name, orientation, date of birth

•           Motivation behind candidate’s visit

•           Date of appearance and flight

•           Spots to visit, explicit names of urban areas required

•           Subtleties of your flight schedule and inn reservation

•           State who will bear the expense of the candidate’s housing while in China

•           Data on the support: name of the unit, telephone number, address, duplicate of support’s visa or ID

In the event that your greeting is from a non-administrative support your letter should incorporate your work title/occupation, identification number with issue and lapse date. The relationship of the candidate and support should likewise be expressed. In the event that the individual welcoming you is in China on a work license, you should give a duplicate of the inviter’s home grant

The greeting might be a duplicate, fax, or printout yet the consular office might demand the first.

Evidence of State Residency

You should give a proof of your ongoing location of residency. The report should either be a duplicate of the front of your driver’s permit or government ID, or a service bill. The record must:

•           Show your name as it shows up on your identification

•           Show the ongoing home location as given on your visa application

Kindly note, assuming that you should present a service charge the office requires electric, gas, or a water charge; telephone and link bills are not acknowledged.

Visa Application Form

One completely finished and marked visa application structure. The application must:

•           Be finished on the web

•           Incorporate responses for every single required field (NA where not relevant)

•           List the name of the voyager precisely as it is written in the identification

•           Be printed single-sided

•           Be dated and endorsed in blue or dark ink

•           Be encased with any remaining records in your visa application unit

China Visa Service Center gives a manual for help you in finishing the application. To get to the or type the location into your program.

Travel Record

You should give a duplicate of the movement record structure remembered for this pack. The structure must:

•           Incorporate all nations that you have visited over the most recent 28 days

•           Be agreed upon

•           Incorporate section/leave dates of each movement

Well being Declaration

Candidates should give the Health Declaration Form which can be found inside the China Visa Service Center Application pack.

Approval Letter

You should give a letter of approval found in this pack, approving China Visa Service Center to submit and gather your visa application and reports for your sake.

Previous PRC Nationals or Individuals Born in Chinese Territories

Assuming that you are a previous PRC identification holder or were brought into the world in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau:

•           You should compose your name in Chinese characters for question 1.2 on the visa application structure

•           You should give a duplicate of your latest China visa and a duplicate of the identification in which the visa was given

•           Assuming you have never been given a China visa you should present your unique China identification and a duplicate of your Green Card, and a duplicate of your Naturalization Certificate

•           In the event that you were taken on from China you should likewise incorporate a duplicate of your reception papers showing new parents names, name change, and photograph with guardians (do exclude the first papers). If material, incorporate a duplicate of your naturalization authentication and U.S. birth declaration. Tourist Visa for China

Candidates Under the Age of 18

All minors younger than 18 venturing out to China must:

•           Give a duplicate of their introduction to the world declaration

•           Give a duplicate of the two guardians’ international IDs or drivers’ licenses

•           Give a duplicate of the guardians’ evidence of U.S. residency status (if not U.S. residents)

•           Give an authorized letter of assent from the two guardians (in the event that the guardians are not going with the minor on the outing) that expresses the kid has consent to travel. To get to an example assent letter or type the location into your program

•           On Page 4 (Part 4) of the application, the two guardians should sign Part 4 and print the name of the minor

•           On Page 4 (Part 5) of the application, one parent’s data should be filled in and that parent should sign Part 5

Media Professionals and Religious Professionals

Assuming you are a strict expert, media proficient or utilized by a media organization, regardless of whether you are not going for business purposes, you should submit both an individual proclamation and a letter from your manager on organization letterhead demonstrating that you are not going on organization business and won’t play out any media or strict related work.

Dire Applications

Assuming you have a critical visa application that conveys a tight cutoff time, China Visa Service Center can assist you with saving significant time and keep away from costly postponements. A China Visa Service Center master will survey every one of your records to confirm your application is exact, finished and prepared for accommodation. We will get in touch with you actually to rapidly deal with any slip-ups guaranteeing your application is submitted accurately. to get more familiar with this assistance.

Journey Passengers

Journey transport travelers: You should list the city where your boat moors in China in the Chinese location part of the application structure.

Past Visas

Assuming that you have been conceded a China visa previously, you should give a duplicate of the latest gave China visa. In the event that the visa isn’t situated in your ongoing identification, you should present the first identification containing the past China visa.

U.S. International safe haven Registration (Recommended)

The U.S. State Department suggests U.S. residents register with the U.S. Embassy(s) in the nations they intend to visit. Have a good sense of reassurance about your worldwide goes by having China Visa Service Center register your excursion with the U.S. Branch of State. Enrollment tells the U.S. International safe haven in every nation of your itinerary items and selects you in the State Department tourism warning and admonitions program. To sign up for this discretionary assistance complete the enrollment structure in this pack and send it to us with your other archives.

China Visa Validity

Candidates will be qualified for a 10-year visa given that the explorer has no less than one year of residual legitimacy on their U.S. Visa. Assuming that you have short of what one year you will be allowed a six-month visa to China.

China Visa Service Center can assist you with recharging your identification. Tourist Visa for China

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